EzFIM Pro: Cost-Effective Hacker Prevention Software


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BlackPOS was the malware linked to the Target and Nieman Marcus cyberattacks.

BlackPOS was the malware linked to the Target and Nieman Marcus cyberattacks.

“Hindsight is 20/20.”

This popular phrase explains that knowing what has happened is easier than trying to explain what was going to happen.

Everyone makes mistakes, and there is always value in learning from them. However, one key to a business’ success is to avert the grand miscues all together.

You have to wonder how many times Neiman Marcus CEO Karen Katz and Target Corporation CEO Gregg Steinhafel have thought about the importance of damage prevention recently? Smaller companies would have been forced out of business all together had they made the same mistakes.

By refusing to have the proper security measures in place, these retail magnates have caused close to 100 million customers to ponder some popular phrases of their own.  You don’t need to be a CEO of multibillion dollar firm to understand that your company’s most important commodity is the consumer.

The Culprit

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Macs Don’t get Viruses and 6 other Information Technology Myths


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MythVsRealityYou are probably familiar with a long list of Urban Legends.

Like the one involving Pop Rocks and a soda? Or maybe the one that has nothing to do with candy, but everything to do with a dark road and a dude with a hook for a hand.

Legends, myths and fantasy all make for a great narrative and powerful storytelling, but they should never be taken at face value.

Did you know that even in the world of Information Technology, where logic should reign supreme, there are multiple myths still at play? Here’s a look at some of the most popular.

Macs don’t get viruses

I’m not sure who started this rumor (probably a Macintosh employee) but  it is far from the truth.  Macbooks and all other Apple computers DO get viruses.

Since most people use PCs rather than Macs, there are  more instances of viruses in non-Mac users. Mac users need antivirus too.

BitTorrent is illegal

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Top 5 Mistakes Business Executives Make on a Consistent Basis


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Sometimes the biggest mistakes are made by one wrong decision.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes are made by one wrong decision.

It is never too soon to enhance your company’s success.  There is no better time than the dawn of a new year to ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

If your company has been around for more than 18 months, then you have already outlasted an estimated 80% of entrepreneurial startups.

However, we can often learn more from mistakes and mishaps than we can from profound successes.

Here’s a look at five top mistakes businesses make with regularity—now is the time to benefit from your competitor’s mistakes by not falling prey to the same errors.

5. Using hope as a strategy

Optimism is an excellent personality trait. However, it must be tempered with a strong sense of realism too.  Don’t be so overly enthusiastic as to become blinded to a product’s potential problems. Understand when a product or promotion isn’t working and except the initial challenge of making it succeed. Not all new ideas will be slam dunks for success. Understand when to the pull the plug.

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Target and Neiman Marcus Hacked: Could Poor Credit Card Security be to blame?


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The Chip and PIN model of security is safer than the old swipe-and-sign.

The Chip and PIN model of security is safer than the old swipe-and-sign.

Just a few short weeks after the Target security breach made national headlines, another United States retailer has succumbed to a cyber attack.

Dallas-based Neiman Marcus announced recently that they too fell prey to a cyber criminal’s attack—one that may leave as many as 20 million customer’s bank accounts in danger.

The method used to glean customers’ personal information—such as credit card numbers, passwords, etc.—is near identical to the Target fiasco.

Anytime a debit or credit card is swiped through a point-of-sales device (POS), the information is ripe for nefarious removal if not properly secured.

Outmoded credit card security measures still in use throughout the United States of America make it too easy for hackers.

In the States, the magnetic strip is still the key point of “security.”  Would Target and Nieman Marcus had been as susceptible to breaches had the European Chip and PIN model been in use?

Magentic Strip vs. Chip and PIN

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Game Changers: A look back at Top Technological Innovations


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The dawn of the iPhone put the BlackBerry to bed.

The dawn of the iPhone put the BlackBerry to bed.

The New Year is upon us. Not to worry, you still have (by my count) three weeks to write “2013” on your checks blame-free.

Well, that is, if you still write checks.  Since we don’t know what the New Year will hold for technological advancements, I felt now was the time to wax nostalgic and take a look at some of the most important inventions of the last 15 years.

TiVO (1999)

As a child growing up in the 80s, you could count on three things: 1. Big hair. 2. Bad clothing and 3. Dad consistently complaining about the abundance of advertisements during The A-Team.

But with the rise of TiVO, you could record your favorite shows and skip through commercials! In theory at least. I never could teach Dad how to use the darn thing.

Microsoft Xbox (2001)

Remember when 16-bit video game consoles—such as the Sega Genesis—were all the rage?

“Dude, it looks JUST like the arcade, man!”

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Year in Review: Top Hacks and Cyber Attacks of 2013


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Target's customers were targeted by hackers.

Target’s customers were targeted by hackers.

In an effort to provide a temporary hiatus to crafting your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, I’ve decided to breakdown some of the biggest news in regards to top hacks and cyber attacks from 2013.

Take that, Adobe

In what would prove to be foreshadowing to an even bigger data hack, Adobe fell prey to the nefarious ways of cyber criminals; exposing around 2.9 million customers’ credit card information.

The New York Times Incident

A group of hackers known as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) was responsible for hacking into the New York Times, forcing the newspaper offline temporarily.  SEA had used a phishing scam to hack into social media giant Twitter’s host earlier in the year and, used that access to change the DNS records of several domain names, including the NYT.

Cryptolocker: Your files taken hostage

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The Happy Hacker: Top 5 X-Mas Gifts for the Cyber Criminal


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Hackers don't deserve presents.

Hackers aren’t your friends. Don’t give them gifts.

Christmas is nearly upon us once again.  And just like every year, there are certain items this holiday season that everyone must have.

For many, it is the Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.  Or perhaps a shiny new HD television is tops on your list.

But what does the professional computer hacker hope to find under his/her proverbial tree?

Hackers are human beings too; besides, even those employed in the most nefarious of professions are going to want some sweet new gifts—just like the rest of us.

Here’s a look at some top gifts sure to be high on all hackers’ lists this Christmas.

5.  Credit Card Skimmer

Not all hackers like to work from home. The skimmer first came in to prominence when a waitress used one to swipe customers’ credit card information.  You are in danger anytime your card leaves your hand and is out of sight (or anytime you are shopping at Target.)

4. Your Password

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User Error: How Non-creative Passwords Are Hacked


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You're going to have to choose a better password than "password."

You’re going to have to choose a better password than “password.”

Every year, most of us will receive at least one gift card for Christmas. When it comes to gift giving, people are quite predictable.  This is because most lack creativity.

We buy our dads ties for Father’s Day, our moms roses on Mother’s Day, and jewelry for our significant others.

Many of us also drop the creative ball when it comes to cyber security.

Year-in and year-out top passwords include: “password,” “12345,” and “qwerty.”


Look, when it comes to your safety, you need to think outside of the box before selecting your passwords.

Common Password Mistakes

Passwords such as “12345” or “password” are laughably lazy, and ludicrously simple to hack. Let’s assume that anyone reading this is creative enough to make their passwords case sensitive and non-linear.

But before you get too cocky about your awesome password, how many of you have used any of the following criteria to create you password?

Your pet’s name.

Hackers (for the most part) are human beings too. In other words, they know how important animals are to their owners—and how likely pet lovers are to use their favorite furry friend as a password.

Your kid’s name.

EVERYONE thinks their kids are the best…so great in fact that they are routinely honored for their awesomeness by being used everyday as their parents’ go-to password.

Your hometown.

Your town is the best town in the world, easy.  Hey, last year your town took home the 3A Six-Man Football crown! Impressive.  But look, your hometown might be even easier to discern than your favorite pet’s name.

Your favorite sports team.

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The Evolution of Data Logging

DataLogHow do you log your personal data? What do you use to jot down that to-do list?

With portable devices and applications such as “Notes” on the iPhone and iPad, you can leave the old pen and pad behind.

And thanks to the emergence of the cloud, synchronization means we can store personal data like never before.

Just think of the massive amounts of data that must be logged and accounted for in an infrastructure.  Your grocery list doesn’t qualify as a Big Data issue—nope, not even if you’re at a Sam’s or Costco.

Much like portable devices have changed note taking, technological advancements have changed the realm of data logging.

Evolution of Data Logging

The evolution of data logging closely parallels the computer’s segue into everyday life.  Just as personal computers were entering our homes, data logging was undergoing a similar diffusion.

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