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Don't a car for a Christmas present. You're making us all look bad.

Don’t give a car for a Christmas present. You’re making us all look bad.

Just because North Korea-led hackers halted the Christmas Day debut of Sony’s The Interview doesn’t mean you have been given a gift-giving reprieve.

Not by a long shot.  Yep, if you’re like most of America, you’ve still got plenty of Christmas shopping to do in the next 48 hours so—so we’ll keep this brief.

Have you ever stopped to think how hackable your gifts might be? Well, have you? Here at EzFIM, we’ve given plenty of thought to the topic and present you our non-exhaustive list of popular presents that can also be hacked.

A brand new car

Yes, an automobile is a ridiculous present for Christmas in many ways, with countless problems, not the least of which is where to purchase that car-sized bow.

More pragmatically, how on earth do you plan to best this gift in the future? If you buy your wife a car this Christmas, there’s no way you can get away with buying her “just” a necklace next year.

You bought her a car last year dude.

As inane as it seems, according to some luxury car commercials, someone somewhere is buying their loved one a car as we speak. Good for them. Just remember that even an automobile can fall prey to a nefarious cyber criminal. It’s not likely, no, but it’s also unlikely that you’re going to buy your loved one a brand new car. (Please feel free to use the “But it could be hacked!” excuse to get you out of that awful investment.)

A fancy new TV

Have you noticed that electronics are getting “smarter” while many of their users remain, well, kind of dull? Purchasing your loved one a smart television this year—especially the ultra HD 4K LEDs—is undoubtedly tops on many lists.

And although a television is a far more practical gift than an automobile, it is still susceptible to a cyber attack. Please make sure your WiFi connection is secure.

An iPad or other tablet

The popularity of the iPad as well as all other types of tablets has not diminished. Although they might not be tops on anyone’s list this year (mainly because just about everyone has one), tablets are still popular prey for hackers. You really should take the same precautions with your portable device as you do your main work computer; especially in this era of BYOD.


As smartphones continue to get bigger, such as with the iPhone 6+, they are becoming slightly smaller versions of tablets.

In some circles, they are even referred to as “phablets.” Regardless, smartphones are always a popular Christmas item—it is no coincidence that Apple always releases their latest phones just in time for early holiday shoppers. But be warned, your smartphone could be smuggling a hacker.

Sony Products—All of them

With Sony still wobbly from withstanding a full-on North Korean haymaker, there’s just no telling how much money they still have yet to lose.

Just remember, if your children want a PS4 (and many of them will) make sure you teach them a thing or two about cyber security. After all, the Playstation has fallen prey to a cyber attack before.

EzFIM: Preventive Medicine to ward off a Viral Attack

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