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And Sony is paying a HEFTY price.

And Sony is paying a HEFTY price.

Thanks to the shadowy Guardians of Peace (GOP) and their latest 911-esque threats, Sony has decided to pull  the plug on their latest James Franco and Seth Rogen vehicle: “The Interview.”

Here at EzFIM we have no problem with Sony’s decision to NOT release The Interview. Rogen and Franco are in every other comedy that has been produced over the last ten years, so we’ve had our fill of the two jokesters.  However, The Interview will have a far greater impact historically than it would have had it been allowed a theatrical release.

Not only does it draw more attention to the destructive impact a cyberattack can have on ALL businesses, it will go down in history as the first time a group of cyber criminals were able to halt the seemingly bulletproof Hollywood Movie Machine.

Sure, early on, it seemed harmless enough—almost comical, as The Hack gave us all a sneak behind the scenes of Hollywood. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be shocked by anything in today’s media-saturated world. It’s also not everyday that you can find Brad Pitt‘s actual cell phone number online (yeah, he never returned our call either).

Here’s a quick recap at the chaos created by the GOP:

Wait, how many zeros?

Six to be exact, as security experts were estimating that Sony’s loss would be close to $100 million. And this estimate was before today’s news that The Interview has been pulled from theaters indefinitely. Think of not just the physical money that will be spent repairing their infrastructure, consider too, the money that WON’T be coming in thanks to the loss of The Interview. Sony could be looking at losses in the $300 million dollar range.

Employees Information went public

Sony employees’ computers were compromised as well, and this includes big-name movie stars (yep, they’re Sony employees too). And as it played out, this was just scratching the surface.  Currently there are two employees suing Sony on the grounds that the company didn’t do enough to protect their sensitive data—sounds like they have a solid case.

Threats still ongoing

As was brought to light over the last few days, the GOP has threatened to attack any theater that screens The Interview. Although far-fetched, a threat such as this can’t be taken too lightly. Thus, with loss of opening weekend revenue rearing its ugly head, the nightmare of this hack carries on for Sony.

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Had Sony Entertainment Corporation beefed up its cyber security with file integrity monitoring, they could have avoided this catastrophe all together. Regardless of the final financial tally, Sony will be just fine.

But think what would happen to your company should all of your client’s sensitive data become public? The chances are good your company wouldn’t survive.

That’s why EzFIM is here to prevent catastrophe. Our award-winning FIM platform not only adds a crucial layer of baseline security, but it also makes sure that your company is code compliant with the latest PCI DSS v3.0 framework. Call our Tech experts today at: 855.393.4666 or shoot us an email and take that first step towards securing your network and your customers’ data before it’s too late.