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hacker. Young man with laptop is looking at screenOftentimes when discussing hackers, there is little mention of these cyber criminal‘s actual names, or if they were able to thwart the crime life for a legal job.

Here’s a look at some famous hackers, their misdeeds and what they are up to today.

Barnaby Jack

In what could be considered one heck of a  party trick, Jack was able to exploit ATMs by inserting malware, enabling the machines to dispense money without a card or account.

He also demonstrated how insulin pumps, pacemakers and heart implants could be hacked remotely.  Jack died from an apparent drug overdose in July of 2013.

Kevin Poulsen

This name might ring a bell.  Poulsen is currently the editor of Wired, a science and technology magazine.  But before turning to a career in journalism, Poulsen was an underground fugitive highly sought by the FBI.  Poulsen had hijacked a LA Radio station’s telephone lines (so he could be assured he was the 102 caller and Porsche winner). Later, when he was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, the show’s 1-800 lines crashed for no apparent reason.

Geroge Hotz

Hotz is most famous for being the first to carrier unlock an iPhone, colloquially known as “jailbreaking.”  The New Jersey native and was known as geohot, million 75 and mil among others.Numerous sites have reported that he is currently a student at Carengie Mellon University.

Adrian Lamo

Lamo, aka the “Homeless Hacker” is almost as famous for his method of compensation—he claims to refuse payment for vulnerability assessments—as he is for his hacks.  He was convicted of compromising security at The New York Times and Microsoft, among others.  Lamo is currently employed as a computer security consultant.

Owen Walker

Known in online circles as “AKILL,” Walker was arrested due to his involvement in an attack on the University of Pennsylvania’s computer network.  Walker pleaded guilty to his involvement, but was discharged without conviction. Walker was self-taught, receiving no formal computer training. As of 2008, he was employed by TelStraClear.

Robert T. Morris

The son of a computer scientist that helped design Unix, Robert T. Morris is on the other end of the education spectrum from the aforementioned Owen Walker.

Morris attended Harvard and created what is considered the first internet worm while a graduate student at Cornell University.  Fittingly, the worm is now known as the “Morris Worm.”  Morris holds a PhD in Applied Sciences from Harvard (’99) and is currently a professor at MIT.

Krista Svechinskaya

Russian-born Svechinskaya has been dubbed the “sexiest hacker in the world”—granted, she has little competition. While a student at New York University, Svechinskaya was accused of using an Internet virus to siphon funds, while working as a money mule.

In June of 2013, she was released by a New York court, ordered to pay $35,000 in damages and placed under surveillance.

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