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How secure is your smartphone?

How secure is your smartphone?

Smartphones are fantastic.  They enable us to peruse the Internet, check our email—and even allow us to communicate with friends without the  burden of verbal communication.

But for all the good that goes with gadgets in the BYOD era, there is an increased potential for harm.

Inside that non-pleated pant pocket your smartphone might be smuggling a cyber criminal. Here are some tips to keep your smartphone safe and hacker-free.

Add Security Software

Security Software is just as important for your cell phone as it is for your business or home computer, yet many consumers have no idea that it exists.  SOPHOS has a free app that offers baseline protection for your mobile device.

QR Codes

From restaurant countertops to business cards, these over-pixelated barcodes are a hacker’s best friend.  In many instances, a QR code is an embedded link to a website—masked so as to be indistinguishable to the naked eye.  How do you know it’s taking you to a safe site? You don’t.  Consider downloading Norton Snap which works as a QR decoder ring, which allows you to decipher the link for safety.

Turn off automatic Wi-Fi

Every time your phone searches for a Wi-Fi connection, data is leaked into the ether.  Think of an open Coke in a room full of sneezing babies. Do not drink that Coke. Set up your phone to forget any random connections it may have picked up.  Disallow automatic Wi-Fi connectivity, and screw on that Coke top tightly, it’s still flu season.

Stay up to date

The reason your phone requires multiple updates is because of patches, repairs and improvements to the operating system.  Today’s update is to secure your phone against last week’s hack.  So, if you’re still running on last year’s updates…you’re in danger of a data breach.

Phishy Apps

The aforementioned SOPHOS app does a great job of examining apps for safety as you download them.  But even without SOPHOS, use common sense before downloading.  Check out the permissions necessary—do you really want XXX app to get into your database of contacts? Why should it?

Use a password!

Think of all the people with a smartphone. Now, off-hand, how many would you say use a password to protect it? Far too few I’m willing to bet.  A password on your iPhone or other device isn’t just to keep that annoying co-worker from checking out pictures of your dog in a sweater, it’s to keep your phone safe from the even more annoying crooks out there.

NetBoundary—A Superior, Affordable MSSP

Phone security is something that you can handle yourself. But when it comes to securing your company’s network, it’s okay to ask for help.

That’s where NetBoundary comes in to play.  They manage all your business’ security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For more information on how NetBoundary can protect you and your client’s sensitive data, contact one of their Tech Security experts today at: 888-698-3563.