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BlackPOS was the malware linked to the Target and Nieman Marcus cyberattacks.

BlackPOS was the malware linked to the Target and Nieman Marcus cyberattacks.

“Hindsight is 20/20.”

This popular phrase explains that knowing what has happened is easier than trying to explain what was going to happen.

Everyone makes mistakes, and there is always value in learning from them. However, one key to a business’ success is to avert the grand miscues all together.

You have to wonder how many times Neiman Marcus CEO Karen Katz and Target Corporation CEO Gregg Steinhafel have thought about the importance of damage prevention recently? Smaller companies would have been forced out of business all together had they made the same mistakes.

By refusing to have the proper security measures in place, these retail magnates have caused close to 100 million customers to ponder some popular phrases of their own.  You don’t need to be a CEO of multibillion dollar firm to understand that your company’s most important commodity is the consumer.

The Culprit

Malicious malware created by a 17-year-old Russian, known as “ree4” has now been linked to the aforementioned cyberattacks. The malware, known as “BlackPOS,” was sold to numerous cybercriminals across Eastern Europe.

The BlackPOS parses credit data after the magnetic strip is read and before any of the card’s data can be encrypted. Many point-of-sales devices do not even use encryption.

Once obtained by the malware, the cyber thieves can create cloned copies of your credit or debit card.  The data theft occurs on a customer-to-customer basis and happens within the blink of an eye. When malware such BlackPOS are fully operational, hackers glean credit card data as easy (and as frequently) as dollars pumped into a soda machine.

It’s probably just a matter of time before the next epic data breach puts your credit card information in the hands of crooks.

Hackers are like influenza; capable of reaching pandemic proportions. Once struck, Target and Neiman Marcus scrambled to provide Tamiflu for their infected customers.

But what’s better: minimizing your flu-like symptoms, or avoiding it all together?

EzFIM Pro’s cutting edge FIM software is the inoculation Target and Neiman Marcus missed out on.

Since EzFIM Pro works in similar fashion to a document’s spell checker, the malware would have shown as a baseline error, just as a misspelled word is underlined in read on a Word document.

This incongruence would have appeared as a red flag in the syslog.  Granted, some data theft might have occurred regardless; as there are other issues at hand, such as how quickly the information is relayed and read by the MSSP. However, EzFIM Pro would have saved Target and Neiman Marcus millions.

Getting to know EzFIM Pro

EzFIM Pro is file integrity monitoring software at its finest.  Once installed on the device that being logged, it performs a system check once a day, and inconsistencies that are noticed are recorded in a syslog and sent to a dedicated log/SIEM console.

Your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) need only search the syslog with the trigger “EzFIM” to bring out all FIM entries for a particular time span.

Other key EzFIM Pro highlights:

• Compatible with Windows XP SP and higher.

Agent-only installation—You need not install it on devices that don’t need monitoring; this saves your company by eliminating unnecessary software purchases.

• Software updates occur without the need of physical downloads. This keeps the software running with the latest performance features without the need to purchase new software.

• Award-winning software that is the most cost-effective FIM available today.

EzFIM affords your company cost-effective protection by prevention.  An investment in EzFIM Pro not only saves your company money, it provides your clients peace of mind.

Because if your data is never compromised, then hackers are powerless. And you don’t have to start worrying about if hindsight could help.

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