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MythVsRealityYou are probably familiar with a long list of Urban Legends.

Like the one involving Pop Rocks and a soda? Or maybe the one that has nothing to do with candy, but everything to do with a dark road and a dude with a hook for a hand.

Legends, myths and fantasy all make for a great narrative and powerful storytelling, but they should never be taken at face value.

Did you know that even in the world of Information Technology, where logic should reign supreme, there are multiple myths still at play? Here’s a look at some of the most popular.

Macs don’t get viruses

I’m not sure who started this rumor (probably a Macintosh employee) but  it is far from the truth.  Macbooks and all other Apple computers DO get viruses.

Since most people use PCs rather than Macs, there are  more instances of viruses in non-Mac users. Mac users need antivirus too.

BitTorrent is illegal

BitTorrent is perfectly legal.  However, it is used for illegal means.  Driving a car is legal as long as you meet certain requirements.  But as soon as you exceed the speed limit or run a stop light, it becomes illegal.  Same goes with using a BitTorrent to download a pirated movie.

A Laptop can make you infertile

Seriously, who actually puts their laptop on their lap? Talk about hot pants. Look, it will not make you infertile. This myth was borne from speculation rather than any hard facts. Still, wouldn’t it be more comfortable for you if you placed it on a desk?

Commonsense can replace an Antivirus Program

Using commonsense includes understanding that you NEED an antivirus software on your computer.  Oftentimes, little rational thought is used when working on a computer.

A magnet can erase your hard drive

This is an antiquated myth that used to ring true for floppy disks. Remember those?  They came free with acid washed jeans and a 300 pound computer monitor.  Your hard drive is safe even near a magnet.

Facebook is about to start charging

Nope, they aren’t. Have you read recently about the net value of the dude that came up with Facebook?  Do you really think he’s cash strapped enough to alienate his users?  Charging for the social media giant’s services proved to be the downfall of Facebook (and MySpace) predecessor Friendster.

Hackers only go after big companies 

“Why would a hacker go after me? I’m just small potatoes,” you may tell yourself.  Well, you do a lot of shopping at major retail stores.  Heard about the recent Target and Nieman Marcus fiascos?  Hackers can go after individuals by going after the big boys.

NetBoundary Can Help Your Business Prevent a Cyber Attack

Did you know that NetBoudary has partnered with the award-winning FIM, EzFIM?  Well it’s true. With an MSSP like NetBoundary and EzFIM working together, it is like a one-two punch (with roundhouse kick) to the necks of cyber criminals.

EzFIM not only helps your company become PCI DSS code compliant, it also works as preventive medicine.  Even if your company already has the proper security measures in place, NetBoundary can save you time and money by managing your security network.  For more information, all a Tech Expert today at:  888-698-3563.