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Sometimes the biggest mistakes are made by one wrong decision.

Sometimes the biggest mistakes are made by one wrong decision.

It is never too soon to enhance your company’s success.  There is no better time than the dawn of a new year to ensure your business starts off on the right foot.

If your company has been around for more than 18 months, then you have already outlasted an estimated 80% of entrepreneurial startups.

However, we can often learn more from mistakes and mishaps than we can from profound successes.

Here’s a look at five top mistakes businesses make with regularity—now is the time to benefit from your competitor’s mistakes by not falling prey to the same errors.

5. Using hope as a strategy

Optimism is an excellent personality trait. However, it must be tempered with a strong sense of realism too.  Don’t be so overly enthusiastic as to become blinded to a product’s potential problems. Understand when a product or promotion isn’t working and except the initial challenge of making it succeed. Not all new ideas will be slam dunks for success. Understand when to the pull the plug.

4.  Impatience

A lack of patience is a product of our modern society. The perceived need for immediate gratification can cripple a company’s progress.  Even excellent ideas take time to come to fruition. Don’t be the CEO that abandons an excellent idea too quickly. Always remember: the strongest trees grow the slowest.

3.  Poor communication

Lurking in the corner of countless failed relationships lies the “poor communication” behemoth.  It lurks in the hallways and conference rooms of countless businesses too.

One step towards better communication is to put yourself in your employees’ shoes.  Are you properly conveying your message so that it is fully understood?

Remember that no one is as familiar with your own ideas as you are.  Take the time to ensure that your message is both properly expressed, and properly understood.

2.  Playing the Blame Game

Rather than blame ideas that fail, seek out solutions as to why they weren’t successful. In many cases, a failed product requires only a small tweak to turn it into a triumph.  Rather than wasting your time blaming others for failures, invest the time to better understand WHY it floundered.

1. Disregard for risk consideration

Far too often an idea or strategy is given the green light too soon.  An effective CEO will thoroughly consider not just the pros but the cons too.

All successful executives must have the ability to squelch the inherent fear of failure and  actively implement new ideas. However, never do so before conducting an in-depth risk evaluation.

All businesses large and small need to protect their clients’ best interests.  And whether or not you own a retail giant such as Target or Neiman Marcus, or a small startup business, customer protection begins with securing their credit card information.

Let NetBoundary and EzFIM Help Your Company Succeed

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