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The dawn of the iPhone put the BlackBerry to bed.

The dawn of the iPhone put the BlackBerry to bed.

The New Year is upon us. Not to worry, you still have (by my count) three weeks to write “2013” on your checks blame-free.

Well, that is, if you still write checks.  Since we don’t know what the New Year will hold for technological advancements, I felt now was the time to wax nostalgic and take a look at some of the most important inventions of the last 15 years.

TiVO (1999)

As a child growing up in the 80s, you could count on three things: 1. Big hair. 2. Bad clothing and 3. Dad consistently complaining about the abundance of advertisements during The A-Team.

But with the rise of TiVO, you could record your favorite shows and skip through commercials! In theory at least. I never could teach Dad how to use the darn thing.

Microsoft Xbox (2001)

Remember when 16-bit video game consoles—such as the Sega Genesis—were all the rage?

“Dude, it looks JUST like the arcade, man!”

Yep, those were the days. That is, until Microsoft introduced the Xbox on November 15, 2001.  Not only were the graphics crisp and clear, but in 2003 Xbox released “Xbox Live,” allowing us to peruse the Internet via our televisions!

Sounds ho-hum now, but at the time this was a VERY big deal.  Xbox Live added at least two years to my undergraduate studies (well worth it).

802.11g (2003)

Yes, it’s hard to believe that for almost eleven years we’ve had a strong enough signal to support wireless Internet use with multiple devices.  This all began with the 802.11g, which operated at a raw data rate of 52 Mbit/seconds.  This proved to be the final coffin nail in the dial-up tomb as it sped up data transfer speed to previously unattainable levels.

Google Maps (2005)

Since 2005 we can no longer blame a missing Mapsco page for getting lost.  On a serious note, Google Maps has proven to be the mortal enemy of the orgiami-like road map. Now all you need is a smartphone and you can directions to just about anywhere. Just as Google Earth would make us think twice about using our backyards as junk storage, Google Maps made us ditch the stand-alone GPS devices.

Apple iPhone (2007)

t’s hard to believe that less than seven years ago the best phone on the market was the BlackBerry. To understand how important the introduction of the iPhone was, you need look no further than the state of the BlackBerry today.  The iPhone was impactful from the get go, but it wasn’t until 2008 when the iTunes store launched and the evolution of the downloadable apps when things really took off.

What will 2014 Bring?

Who knows? According to The Jetsons, we should all have our own robotic maids and personal hovercrafts.  Yet even to George Jetson, the iPhone 5s would seem futuristic.

That’s the nature of technological evolutions.  One thing we know for sure is that in the realm of IT Security, the only thing advancing faster than technology is the speed with which hackers can compromise them. You need to make sure that your computer (as well as your businesses’ computer network) is safe and secure.

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