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Hackers don't deserve presents.

Hackers aren’t your friends. Don’t give them gifts.

Christmas is nearly upon us once again.  And just like every year, there are certain items this holiday season that everyone must have.

For many, it is the Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.  Or perhaps a shiny new HD television is tops on your list.

But what does the professional computer hacker hope to find under his/her proverbial tree?

Hackers are human beings too; besides, even those employed in the most nefarious of professions are going to want some sweet new gifts—just like the rest of us.

Here’s a look at some top gifts sure to be high on all hackers’ lists this Christmas.

5.  Credit Card Skimmer

Not all hackers like to work from home. The skimmer first came in to prominence when a waitress used one to swipe customers’ credit card information.  You are in danger anytime your card leaves your hand and is out of sight (or anytime you are shopping at Target.)

4. Your Password

A hacker would love to have your password.  With your password in hand, there really isn’t much a hacker can’t do.  Heck, they can even finish their personal X-Mas shopping with your credit card! You can gift wrap your password by creating it using any of these silly prompts.

3.  MacBook Pro

A seasoned hacker doesn’t need a MacBook Pro to get inside your computer. However, wouldn’t it be delicious irony for a hacker to use a Macintosh to hijack your desktop PC? After all, PCs are easy prey.

2. Expired Antivirus Software

Let your antivirus software expire! Everyone wins. You get to save a whopping $60 and that special hacker gets simplified access to all of your computer’s files!

1.  Inadequate Code Compliance

The best gift you can give a hacker is to be non-code compliant. By simply ignoring PCI DSS you can save your company a small chunk of change.  Not nearly as much money as it will cost you when your client’s sensitive data is stolen and all of your files are corrupted..  And you should definitely NOT purchase File Integrity Monitoring! You want to allow the hacker to be protected in virtual anonymity while he alters files and procures all of your company’s sensitive data.

Netboundary Is Here to Help

NetBoundary is an industry leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). From firewall to FIM they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that your business’ database is safe and secure.  NetBoundary ensures that your client’s credit card information doesn’t end up gift wrapped under a  hacker’s X-mas tree. Call a NetBoundary security expert today at: 888-698-3563 for more information.