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You're going to have to choose a better password than "password."

You’re going to have to choose a better password than “password.”

Every year, most of us will receive at least one gift card for Christmas. When it comes to gift giving, people are quite predictable.  This is because most lack creativity.

We buy our dads ties for Father’s Day, our moms roses on Mother’s Day, and jewelry for our significant others.

Many of us also drop the creative ball when it comes to cyber security.

Year-in and year-out top passwords include: “password,” “12345,” and “qwerty.”


Look, when it comes to your safety, you need to think outside of the box before selecting your passwords.

Common Password Mistakes

Passwords such as “12345” or “password” are laughably lazy, and ludicrously simple to hack. Let’s assume that anyone reading this is creative enough to make their passwords case sensitive and non-linear.

But before you get too cocky about your awesome password, how many of you have used any of the following criteria to create you password?

Your pet’s name.

Hackers (for the most part) are human beings too. In other words, they know how important animals are to their owners—and how likely pet lovers are to use their favorite furry friend as a password.

Your kid’s name.

EVERYONE thinks their kids are the best…so great in fact that they are routinely honored for their awesomeness by being used everyday as their parents’ go-to password.

Your hometown.

Your town is the best town in the world, easy.  Hey, last year your town took home the 3A Six-Man Football crown! Impressive.  But look, your hometown might be even easier to discern than your favorite pet’s name.

Your favorite sports team.

I’m willing to bet that the number of passwords that were switched to “GoRedSox” or “RedSoxChamps” last October were in the tens of thousands.

I’m glad your team is so wonderful, but you have got to be more creative than this when generating your password.  And no, “YankeesSuck” is not a safe alternative.

Your significant other and/or important dates/anniversaries

It has long been said that best way to remember your significant other’s anniversary is to forget it once.

So, you are sensitive enough (or forgetful enough?) to commemorate special dates by making them into passwords.  These dates are too easily discovered to be your primary passwords. Seriously, you’d be safer using your social security number as a password (DO NOT DO THIS).

Security Questions can get you Hacked

The entire purpose of a security question is to validate the user and to help them retrieve forgotten passwords.  Do you think this is only valuable to the actual user?

Think how simple your password is to decipher if the answers to your personal security questions are acquired.  Discovering any of the aforementioned private information about you is as easy a cursory Facebook search.

How NetBoundary can Help

Look, it can be a meticulous process to keep up with all of your passwords. But a solid password provides the foundation for computer safety.  Imagine how difficult managing an infrastructure of computers at a business can be; much less keeping them safe from cyber attack.

NetBoundary is an award-winning Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that can help make sure your company is secure from cyber threats as well as maintaining code compliance.  For more information, call a NetBoundary Tech Specialist today at: 1-800-698-3563