DataLogHow do you log your personal data? What do you use to jot down that to-do list?

With portable devices and applications such as “Notes” on the iPhone and iPad, you can leave the old pen and pad behind.

And thanks to the emergence of the cloud, synchronization means we can store personal data like never before.

Just think of the massive amounts of data that must be logged and accounted for in an infrastructure.  Your grocery list doesn’t qualify as a Big Data issue—nope, not even if you’re at a Sam’s or Costco.

Much like portable devices have changed note taking, technological advancements have changed the realm of data logging.

Evolution of Data Logging

The evolution of data logging closely parallels the computer’s segue into everyday life.  Just as personal computers were entering our homes, data logging was undergoing a similar diffusion.

Rise of the Microprocessor

Thanks to the advent of the microprocessor, data logging evolved into a state of efficiency that matched quality with quantity. Data could be collected on a grander scale, and accessed with relative ease.


Today, it would be difficult to conduct business to any extent without an Internet connection; impossible one could argue.  The Internet has not only made limitless amounts information available at our fingertips, it has also revolutionized the data logging process.  Once online, a data logger can easily collect information from a myriad of data points.

Cloud Computing

Increasingly popular yet still quite new, cloud computing has changed the face of data storage.  With cloud computing, real-time access of information is possible as well direct interaction with other web services.  With the cloud, no replacement hardware is necessary since all necessary application upgrades are automatically updated.

Logging in a nutshell

Just like in any other industry where a large amount of data is created, a logger’s role is to collect the information while making it accessible for various points of analysis.  A well-kept log provides a company with the piece of mind that they are code compliant, and can breathe easy when auditors exam their documentation.

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