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bigstock-Jargon-Concept--36887773-1Every industry has its own insider lingo.  In the service industry, if an item is no longer available, it has been “86’d.”

Today, we will take a look at some jargon that is commonly bandied about in the wonderful world of IT.

With a slow week ahead, and in an attempt to brighten a cloudy and cold Monday,  here is a quick EzFIM IT Jargon Quiz, just for fun…

EzFIM IT Jargon Quiz

1. What does acqhire mean?

a. Nothing, it’s the sound an overstaffed CEO makes when he sneezes.

b. It’s a combination of “acquire” and “hire” that means a big company has bought another one, thus acquiring their employees in the process.

c.  It’s an acronym meaning “All Computers Question Humans In Read-only Essays”

2. A Data Cholesterol issue means:

a. That dude from Star Trek has been eating too many cheeseburgers

b. Wait a minute. Are you talking about Good Data Cholesterol or Bad Data Cholesterol?

c. Your company’s IT infrastructure is clogged with more information than it can handle

3. True or False:  “FIM” Stands for “Friends in Montana”

4. What on Earth is a Bit Bucket?

a. The little brother of the Byte Bucket

b. An unintentional recycle bin where lost data goes.

c. KFC’s latest chicken nugget—Bits!

5. True or False: Betamaxed refers to someone who loves carrots—a tad too much

Answer Key

1. B.  This neologism is must commonly associated with Rex Hammock, who first used the term in 2005 via rexblog.com.

2. C. Any unnecessary data or other type of stored information can clog up your computer’s storage, just as a high fat diet can clog your arteries.

3. FALSE. I’ve never been to Montana. But it strikes me as a place where even the friendliest of friendly \would frown upon calling themselves “FIMs.”  And certainly not a “BFIM.” In the Tech Security world, FIM stands for “File Integrity Monitoring.”  A key component to PCI DSS compliance, FIM is crucial to maintain a secure a network.

4.  B. Have you ever lost a sock? It’s always just the one; never the pair.  The Bit Bucket is your computer’s equivalent to that mystical place where all of our lost socks frolic forever. Any unintentional data loss due to corruption or what have you, has disappeared to that unknown destination, aka the Bit Bucket.

5. TRUE.  Just kidding! This is FALSE.  Betamaxed is an allusion to the old VHS vs. Betamax debate of the late 70s early 80s.  It refers to a situation when a superior product (Betamax) is outsold by an inferior one (VHS).  Oftentimes, the product with the best marketing campaign wins out—despite the opposition’s superiority. Feel free to refer to the slightly orange carrot-loving person from HR as betamaxed if you feel inclined to.

EzFIM: Affordable File Integrity Monitoring

Although “affordable” or “cost-effective” aren’t technically IT jargon, EzFIM is trying to make FIM far less expensive than the competition.

EzFIM offers products that not only get your company up to compliance with PCI DSS, but also ensure the safety of you and your clients—at an affordable rate.  For more information on how we can keep your company’s clients secure, call us today at: (855) 393-4666, or email us at: info@ezfim.com.