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Without a secure home WiFi network, your Smart TV can be an open door for cyber criminals.

For many of us, Black Friday is that special time of year when we update our latest gadgets.  This year, you’d better believe that Smart TVs will be high on many of our lists.

However, if the proper precautions aren’t adhered to when setting up your new device, that wonderful new television could be a portal for a hacker.

Don’t let hackers outsmart your new TV

Smart TVs have integrated Web 2.0 features with a specific focus on various forms of interactive media.

When it comes to installation, people just want to hook up their TVs and have them work. They take very few precautions to ensure their WiFi signals are secured.

Since your television will be stationary—not leaving your home that is—then following a few basic steps to secure your home’s WiFi connection represent a giant leap towards keeping your TV (and you) safe from a cyberattack.

Some Basic Security Tips

When you setup your Smart TV without giving thought to security, it is the same as picking up a computer and using it without installing the proper antivirus software.

The latest televisions’ integrated ability to surf the net via WiFi is what makes them so “smart.” And as true with any device that can peruse the Internet, the key to safety is to make sure that the connection is secure.  Below are some very basic tips you can use to help ensure your home’s WiFi connection is a safe one.

• Adjust router’s default settings

You would be surprised how many folks use the router password that comes on the back of the device without changing it.  Since routers are mass-produced, any of the default settings are public knowledge. The same goes for the IP address.  Both are simple to change; in fact the directions to do so are right there in the router’s box.

• Disable remote access features

If you’re the type that uses their remote features to access content from home while on the go, then the chances are good you are tech savvy enough to use the proper precautions. Otherwise, just disable these features—and save yourself a ton of potential headaches.

• Keep your router up to date

Some router’s download their updates automatically, others require that the latest firmware be downloaded manually. Either way, it is important that the latest updates are installed.  This is how the manufacturer keeps their products safe from the latest cyberattacks.

• Log out!

Once you’ve made the proper updates/changes, be sure to log out.  If your router has already been compromised, the hacker can gain full access if your password is stored. Don’t use the “remember my password” option.

EzFIM and NetBoundary Can Help

You want to get the most out of your Smart TV just as you do with your personal computer.  EzFIM provides cost-effective File Integrity Monitoring software that protects individual computers are a large business’ complete network.

Contact an EzFIM Tech Expert today to find out more about how to keep your computer’s sensitive data free from the hands of hackers.  Call EzFIM today at: (855) 393-4666, or email us at: info@ezfim.com