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AAAAAfter spending the last two years functioning autonomously, EzFIM and tech industry stalwart NetBoundary have announced that they will be joining forces.

The partnership forged with the mutual goal to provide their clients an outstanding product with an unmatched level of affordability.

Just as the best teams excel as one cohesive whole, EzFIM and NetBoundary formed a bond based that will be mutually beneficial.

NetBoundary—Managed securities at a fraction of the cost

NetBoundary LogoEstablished in 2001, NetBoundary has weathered the storm and outlasted the competition thanks to its commitment to quality and affordability—a combination that occurs far too infrequently in the world of IT Security.

Over the last decade, NetBoundary has ascended rapidly, including becoming one of the first 100% PCI Certified  cloud-based managed security businesses.

The world of Tech Security thrives on the ever-evolving organic nature of the industry and your company can’t afford to be without the best in managed security services, such as security monitoring, alerting and compliance reporting—and NetBoundary is here to provide your company precisely what you need, at an industry-low price.

EzFIM—High Quality FIM at a fraction of the cost

EzFIM LogoEzFIM came into the foray a little over a year ago when the need for inexpensive—yet highly effective—file integrity monitoring became necessary to protect the personal data of a company’s clientele.

File integrity management was not new, but making it affordable for companies both large and small, was a cutting edge concept.

Geared towards companies that struggle with PCI DSS compliance due to a lack of information on the topic, or due to cost concerns, EzFIM stepped up to deliver a key product with all of the benefits of its contemporaries, but at a fraction of the cost.

Now that the partnership has been officially announced, you can bet that NetBoundary and EzFIM will strengthen from their bond, providing their clients with the market’s finest products with an eye cutting your company’s costs.

Both companies will be well represented at this year’s Secure World Expo, and tech experts from each will be open to the public to answer questions as well as outline various services and packages.

Secure World Expo

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 3.08.26 PM

The 2013 Secure World Expo is a 14-city convention that highlights the Security Industry’s finest businesses from all over the world.

Be sure to mark you calendar for this year’s Secure World Expo in Plano, TX October 23rd—24th.  We will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to protecting both your company’s and client’s sensitive data.   

Be sure to swing by the NetBoundary/EzFIM booth to say hello and score some free swag! See you all next Wednesday & Thursday!