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FIREWALLImagine a relaxing drive down your favorite stretch of road.

There is no traffic in sight, and your mind is clear and worry-free.

Now picture this same calming road trip, with the only difference being that your car has no windshield.

Yeah, not so relaxing.

Your face becomes human fly paper and that wayward gravel unearthed from that reckless pickup truck now becomes life-threatening.

A firewall for you business’ computer network is like your car’s windshield. A layer of protection from all sorts of malicious attacks.

The Evolution of the Firewall

•  Packet filters—This First Generation of firewall was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and used packet filters to sift through shared packets between computers on the internet.

•  Stateful filters—Developed by a team of colleagues from AT&T Laboratories, it marked a significant improvement over its predecessor.  Rather than dealing with packets individually, the stateful filters monitored network connections and stored data by using dynamic state tables.

Application layer—The first Application Firewall was known as “Toolkit” and was developed by Wei Xu, Peter Churchyard and Marcus Ranum.

The key benefit of this system was that it could decipher certain application protocols, including File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Domain Name System (DNS) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

What the Next Generation Brings

As cyberattacks have become far more frequent just as methods of intrusion have become increasingly advanced. Today’s next generation firewalls have evolved accordingly.

Now able to decrypt even complex Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols marks a welcome advancement in protection as the latest technology allows for a visualization of application traffic as it crosses the network.

Along with firewall protection, it is also essential that your company’s computer have a reliable file integrity monitoring (FIM) system in place.  What good is that windshield with four bad tires?

The Importance of File Integrity Management

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to go for a road trip in a car without a windshield. Although this thick layer of glass does provide protection, it can’t keep you from having a blowout or prevent a wreck.

Consider File Integrity Management (FIM) as the ultimate complement to a firewall.  It’s like having your own personal mechanic to give your car a five-point inspection multiple times a day.

It’s preventive medicine to stop potential threats before they can become problematic or even fatal to your system.

EzFIM: Protecting your company and your clients

If you’d like to know more about how you can protect your company’s computer network as well as your client’s personal data, contact our tech experts today at (855) 393-4666, or email them at:info@ezfim.com.  At EzFIM, your company’s safety is our primary concern and providing the best in security at an affordable rate is our utmost pleasure.