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A green thumb for the digital age.

A green thumb for the digital age.

As more of us communicate non-verbally via text messaging—with our thumbs replacing vocal chords—it only makes sense that the next wave of security features for mobile devices are centered around a single finger.

After all, if every fingerprint is just like a snowflake in its uniqueness, then that means there are no fingerprints in Death Valley right?


But it should mean that with this “new” technology in place, your phone should be safer than ever.

Too bad all it took was a group of hackers—the German-based Chaos Computer Club—a hefty reward and some booze to crack iPhone’s latest security feature…in about 48 hours.

The iPhone’s Failed Fingerprint Scanner

Last week tech-industry news was dominated by the release of Apple’s latest—and according to them greatest—operating system ever, the iOS7.

The latest OS for Apple’s mobile devices is a teaser, something to help build the buzz about their next generation of iPhones, the much ballyhooed iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade from previous iPhones is a unique security feature that Apple claims will make it the most unassailable phone on the market—the fingerprint scanner.

The only problem is that the fingerprint scanner has already been hacked, and it wasn’t too difficult.

Household Products + Hackers = Security Breach

Fingerprint technology for security is really nothing new, but Apple claimed that their version was a significant upgrade over previous attempts.

The aforementioned German hackers bypassed the sensor all together with some household items in about 48 hours. Here’s how they did it:

• A high resolution photograph of an iPhone 5s owner’s digit was taken.

• The image was uploaded to an editing program to enhance the image.

• The picture was printed onto transparent paper.

• White woodglue was then poured into the fingerprint pattern.

• After it dried, the thin latex-like sheet was placed over the hacker’s index finger and presto! The latest, greatest security feature was bypassed.

No word yet on if Apple is working on a more futuristic-sounding retinal scanner for the iPhone 6.

EzFIM—Securing your business, without fingerprint scanners

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