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Never use the same password for multiple sites.

Never use the same password for multiple sites.

When it comes to protecting your personal and business computers, sometimes it is a good idea to go over the basics.  Here’s a breakdown of 5 Security Tips you should know.

5.  Understand the risk

This is very basic, but crucial.  No one is going to protect themselves against a risk that they do not know exists.

Just think, if we were unaware that UV rays can cause skin cancer, we might not apply sunblock when outdoors.

Just like unprotected skin in the sun, your businesses’ computers are under a constant threat of attack.  There is no reason to live in fear, but you must take the proper precautions to prevent data theft.

4.  Do not reuse passwords

It can be difficult to remember all of those passwords. Honestly, I don’t even know how many passwords I use.

However, if you are using the same password repeatedly, you are making it FAR too easy for a hacker.  Just think, only one password needs to be obtained to gain access to ALL of your personal files.

I suggest looking into an application that functions as a password vault, such as Last Pass.

3.  Think like a human

This sounds silly, since for most humans it is difficult to not think like, well, a human.  Yet when it comes to internet security, we tend to think in the abstract.

Protecting information while on online is vital, but so are the small things, such as logging off, keeping up with your flash drive, and never storing your passwords on a public computer.

Just remember that often it is human error that allows a computer to become compromised.

2.  Encrypt your system log

A hacker’s dream is a system log in plain English.  Programs can be purchased that will encrypt all of your system’s sensitive data, and you should consider purchasing one before it is too late.

1.  Log detection is key

Getting a flu shot is an excellent way to prevent getting influenza.  When you decide to get your flu immunization, you have recognized a potential problem and are taking a step towards prevention.

Most security threats can be stopped before damage is done if they are recognized early.  Establishing a baseline measure to detect even the tiniest of log deviations is paramount to safety.

This is why having a good file integrity monitoring system is a must to keep up with PCI DSS compliance.

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