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Control Big Data today before it's too late.

Control Big Data today before it’s too late.

In college, my laptop functioned on 256MB of RAM and boasted nearly 25GB of storage!

And no, I did not go to college in the 1960s.

This was less than a decade ago.  Today, it’s not strange to have 8GB of RAM and a terabyte (TB) of built-in storage.

As technology improves, personal computers become more powerful.  In an increasingly digitized world, more storage and quicker processing have become a necessity.

Today more than ever, businesses are in danger of becoming overrun with information that needs to be sorted, stored, processed and protected.  We live in a world of Big Data, and your businesses’ survival might depend on it is handled.

Here are 5 Big Data concepts all businesses need to grasp:

5. The definition varies

Universally, Big Data refers to a collection of data sets too large and complex to be processed with your company’s basic data processing applications.

What constitutes too much data varies from business to business. For example, if one terabyte of data is too much for your on-hand applications to process, then this can be considered Big Data.

4. It’s growing everyday

Just like those annoying weeds in your backyard, data sprouts up incredibly quick. But more data is not a bad thing; it just needs to be managed carefully lest it reach proportions too large for effective monitoring.

3. Big Data is omnipresent

Tech Industry firms and government agencies aren’t the only ones dealing with Big Data. It’s all businesses—big and small.

Now is the time for your company to get a firm grasp on data management.  How your company handles information storage can make or break its success.

If your company uses a POS and/or stores its customer’s personal data via a computer—and lets face it, who doesn’t—then NOW is the time to get your data storage under control.

2. It needs to be taken seriously

Analyzing large data sheets will become a key basis of competition between businesses.  Those that can’t control storage will fall to the wayside. From the client’s perspective, why entrust sensitive data with a company that can’t properly protect it?

The companies that do not control their data stoarage will cease to exist, period.

1. More data means more responsibility

All CEOs fear cyberattacks: Big Data creates fodder for hackers.  The more data a company stores the more opportunity for any portion to be leaked or lifted by a hacker.

Big Data means that protecting your client’s sensitive information—and your company’s—has never been more important.

EzFIM Can Help

EzFIM wants to ensure your your data is secure.  We offer products that provide the safety of you and your clients—at an affordable rate.  For more information on how we can keep your company’s clients secure, call us today at: (855) 393-4666, or email us at: info@ezfim.com