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Every business owner's favorite exit.

Every business owner’s favorite exit.

Brand loyalty is what every business owner strives for. A loyal customer base is what has fueled Apple’s meteoric rise into the cell phone foray.

When a name is established and throngs of followers eagerly await that company’s latest release—much like the countdown to the new iPhone 5S—does this mean that that product is the best?

To those diehard consumers, absolutely it does.  However, there are many consumers that prefer more affordable options to the iPhone.

IT Security, like the cell phone industry, is fueled by brand recognition as well as brand loyalty. The number one company in the file integrity monitoring (FIM) market, produces an outstanding product. However, did you know that there are options available that are just as reliable as the big boys, yet only a fraction of the cost?

Your Company needs FIM, but at the right price


You don’t have to be in the IT industry to reap the benefits of file integrity monitoring.  The common thread is the point-of-sales system, or POS.

If you use a system that swipes credit card information and stores it in a database, then you are in need of a file integrity monitoring device.  FIM can be quite costly, yet this expense pales in comparison to the money your company loses—not to mention the damaged credibility—when its customers’ valuable data is lifted by hackers.

And this is how the so-called “brand name” FIM suppliers have made their fortunes.  To be certain, the product they sell is high-quality and quite effective; it satisfies a definite need for the digital age where hackers run rampant and most consumers pay via credit card.

However, there is no need to dish out the extravagant price tag. There used to be no way around implementing expensive FIM; there just was not an affordable option around…until now.

The EzFIM Difference


If you’d like to know more about you can protect your client’s personal data, or if you just want to learn how EzFIM’s cost-effective technology can enhance your company’s security, then contact our tech experts today at (855) 393-4666, or email them at:info@ezfim.com.  At EzFIM, your company’s safety is our primary concern and your business’s code compliance is our pleasure.