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FIM is a key ingredient to ensure your system's overall health.

FIM is a key ingredient to ensure your system’s overall health.

File Integrity Monitoring is so much more than a tech-industry catchphrase.

As  more companies reach full PCI DSS compliance, FIM is not only an important facet of the POS-driven industry, it has become an irreplaceable requirement.

Many businesses large and small flinch once the prices of  FIM software arise. In fact, the sheer cost is why so many businesses lag behind the bare minimum of code compliance.

However, there is a cost-effective alternative that provides unparalleled protection for a fraction of the cost,

Here are the top five reasons why your business deserves the very best in file integrity monitoring, EzFIM.

5. Synergy

When you choose EzFIM’s file integrity monitoring software, you have integrated a system that works flawlessly with your pre-existing configurations.  In other words, there is no use for doling out thousands of additional dollars to upgrade your peripherals—EzFIM works in sweet harmony with your established hardware.

4. Ease of Use

Since EzFIM is specifically designed to work with your preexisting setup, operation is greatly simplified. Thus, there is no need to learn the ins-and-outs of multiple new devices.

3.  Affordability

Installing file integrity monitoring software can be a costly endeavor.  At EzFIM, we guarantee you can protect data at an affordable cost. For more information on how EzFIM can protect your bottom line, contact a tech expert today.

2.  Control

With no need for additional consoles or virtual hardware, EzFIM places the control in your company’s hands.  By working with the preexisting log/SIEM solution this means that all reports and alerts need not be filtered through a third party or console.

1.  Code Compliance

The PCI DSS assigns the task of policy implementation to the Quality Security Assessor (QSA).  Thus, the QSA‘s job is to ensure that FIM is in place to monitor all data captured through your system’s POS.

According to requirements 10 and 11 of PCI DSSv2.0, it is your businesses’ responsibility to review logs daily as well as perform internal and external scans after any significant change to your database.

When you choose the ideal FIM for your company you are not only protecting your clients’ valuable data, you are also simplifying the security process.

EzFIM presents the most cost-effective, non-intrusive bang for your business’ buck. EzFIM is affordable, reliable and user-friendly—why would you choose any other FIM?

For More Information, Contact EzFIM Today

EzFIM wants to ensure your money stays where it should—in your pocket.  We offer products that not only get your company up to compliance with PCI DSS, but also ensure the safety of you and your clients—at an affordable rate.  For more information on how we can keep your company’s clients secure, call us today at: (855) 393-4666, or email us at: info@ezfim.com.