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Mac Vs. PC

Mac Vs. PC

Most Mac users feel that their computers are much safer than Windows-based PCs. This attitude has become part of the culture of being an Apple-centric aficionado.

However, is your Macintosh computer really less susceptible to viruses, malware and other threats? Likewise, are Windows-based PCs as poor at security as we are led to believe?

Mac vs. PC

It is true that fewer Macs are infected with various malwares and viruses than their PC brethren. However, this is largely because far fewer people use Macs than PCs. Although Mac has increased in popularity recently, Windows-based PCs still constitute roughly 80% of computers.

When deciding on which bank to hold up, the astute robber is going to go for the one with the most money in it. Hackers are no different; and this is why Mac computers have not been hit as hard their PC counterparts…it’s a numbers game pure and simple.

This is not to say that a Macintosh is safe from viruses and other forms of malware.

Mac OS is powered by a UNIX operating system, which comes with a basic security model in place.  In recent years, Windows has stepped up their security features so that they are on par with Mac, and in some instances superior. This however, has not always been the case.

With early operating systems created in MS-DOS, Windows was a true hacker’s paradise. And even though it has evolved into being quite secure, the early stigma of porous security is an albatross that still haunts the PC, be it fair or unfair.

Yet when it comes to security issues, Mac’s ascent in popularity might be the worst thing to ever happen to it. Since more and  more users are switching to Macs, the spike in users makes them that much more appealing to hackers.

Why your Company Needs FIM

Truth be told, whether or not you are a diehard PC user or prefer the many amenities found in the Macintosh, you certainly need to make sure you have a good antivirus program and that you keep it updated.

It is always good to remember that the world’s best hackers are usually one if not many steps ahead of the latest protective software. This means that not only your personal computer is at risk of being compromised, but your company’s mainframe—and all of the countless sensitive data held within—are just one breach from peril too.

Much like the finest antivirus applications, an excellent File Integrity Management (FIM) software is a must for businesses big and small.  FIM works by closely monitoring sensitive data against a stable baseline to ensure that no corruptions or breaches are present.

Much as a virus can wreak havoc on your Mac or PC, imagine what could happen to your client’s valuable data that is stored on your company’s mainframe? In fact, if your company uses a point-of-sales (POS), then not having the latest FIM software is inviting not only a breach in security, but a  fine as laid down by the PCI DSSv2.0.

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