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Internet speed has come a long way.

Internet speed has come a long way.

The first external hard drive I purchased held a whopping 80 gigabytes, weighed about five pounds and roared like an overloaded freight train scaling the Himalayas.

Today, at your favorite electronics store you can pick up a two-ounce flash drive—that holds 120 gigs—in the “impulse buy” section right next to the hand sanitizer, Sticky Notes and Sharpies.

Technology, it just keeps on moving and improving. Internet transmission speeds are no different, as they have improved infinitely since the long-lost days of dial-up.

Brief History of Internet Speeds


C’mon, you remember dial-up.  Just think back to when you had your own AOL account. If all those discs AOL used to snail-mail us (yeah, that’s irony for you) were worth a dollar, we’d all be millionaires, right?