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Step out of the Dark Ages and implement SaaS.

Step out of the Dark Ages and implement SaaS.

So, what is Software as a Service (SaaS) and why does your company need it?

In a nutshell—fully cracked and ready for consumption—SaaS is a software and data delivery model that is hosted by the cloud.  The cloud is the conduit that brings the software to you and your business.

Basically, cloud storage replaces the need for that old-school floppy disk or CD. This enables the software application to be downloaded directly to your computer.

This convenience is just one of the many reasons why SaaS has steadily gained in popularity.

5 Reasons SaaS is perfect for your business

5.  Accelerated Updates

Without SaaS, when software becomes out of date, it is up to you order the new disc and wait as it is snail mailed to you door. Or, you can get in your car, battle the traffic and hope your local store carries the program you need.

Thanks to cloud computing, your software updates regularly—monthly, weekly, even daily in some instances.

4.  Ease of distribution