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The PFI is similar to a television detective.

In the wonderful world of television, a popular genre is the police procedural. From the old school cop shows such as NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues to more recent shows such as CSI: Miami and Castle, they all feature an engaging plot line centered around the resolution of a mystery through a systematic approach—plus cool car chases and hyper-attractive heroes.

Much like the hotshot detective or forensic crime scene specialist, in the real world of Internet Security, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has their very own sleuth: The PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI).

What is a PFI?

First, all PFI Investigators must be approved by the PCI DSS, and any legal entity, organization or company that seeks to become a PFI, must be a qualified Quality Security Assessor before becoming one.

Once approved, the PFI Investigator’s central focus is dealing with credit card breaches.  Once a security breach is recognized, the PFI begins an on-site investigation to better understand how the breach occurred.